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Transcript - Communicating In a Crisis

Sep 17, 2020

Chemical spills, food scares, terrorist attacks and, of course, pandemics: How can we help manage and reduce the impact of these frightening events with good communication - even when evidence is scant and uncertainty predominates?

Joining David to share their experience from the frontlines are:

Professor Brooke Rogers...

Transcript - Communicating Evidence in a Pandemic

Aug 19, 2020

The public appetite for scientific evidence during the pandemic has been voracious. But communicating it well is a fiendish balancing act. How can governments give clear advice while also acknowledging uncertainty? How can scientists debate complex evidence while supporting strong interventions? And how can the media...

Confronting Uncertainty with Tamsin Edwards - Transcript

May 21, 2020

For leading climate scientist Dr Tamsin Edwards, probabilities and possible futures are part of her everyday work. She joins David to explore uncertainty in different aspects of her life: as a statistician and mathematical modeller, as a communicator about possible climate futures, but also as a cancer patient faced...

Transcript - Coronavirus: Understanding the Numbers

Apr 2, 2020

The unfolding coronavirus pandemic is a story driven by numbers. But how reliable are the numbers we have? What can the data really tell us – and what are the major areas of uncertainty?

This is the transcript of a special episode of Risky Talk, recorded on 1st April.  Michael Blastland and Professor David...

Transcript - Communicating About Climate Change

Mar 5, 2020

How can we communicate about climate change in the most engaging, informative and even persuasive ways? What are the different audiences we need to reach, and how can we craft effective communications for each of them?

Joining David to guide us through the psychology, politics and science of climate change communication...